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How to Purchase an NFA Item Online

What is a "Class 3" or "NFA" item?

NFA stands for "National Firearms Act" and governs the purchase, transfer, and creation of certain types of weapons. You may see the weapons referred to as Class 3, Title II, or NFA items.

What types of weapons are restricted by the NFA?


What is an SOT?

The SOT (Special Occupational Tax) is a stamp that is required for FFL dealers to transfer NFA items. In addition to your chosen transfer dealer’s FFL license, we also require a copy of their SOT before we can process your order.

What is the process after I place my order?

Once we have received your order, the FFL dealer's license, and their SOT stamp, we will begin the Form 3 process with the ATF. (Form 3 allows a dealer-to-dealer transfer, allowing BDU to send the NFA item to your chosen dealer.) The ATF processing time for Form 3's can vary greatly. Generally, it will be completed in 2-3 weeks. (Time-frame can vary depending on a variety of factors.) At that time, we will ship the suppressor to your dealer where you will begin the Form 4 process.

You will need to do some research and decide how you would like to register your NFA item. There are a variety of ways to register your item: as an individual, within a trust, or even as a corporation. You should speak to your FFL dealer, or your attorney to assist you with making this decision. The NFA Handbook is also a valuable resource.

Next step, the Form 4.

Once your selected dealer has received the suppressor (or other NFA item) they will begin the Form 4 process. Please choose your transfer dealer carefully, depending on your needs. The basics include: Fingerprints, photo and background check. Supplying your full legal name and your trust or corporation documents, the $200 transfer tax (Tax Stamp), and a transfer fee for the dealer handling your paperwork.

Then: You wait! Again, wait times can vary GREATLY depending on a number of factors with the ATF as they process your Form 4.




TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read):

  • Pick out an NFA item (or two, or three!) from Big Daddy Unlimited’s amazing selection!
  • Have your chosen FFL/Class 3/NFA dealer send us a copy of both their FFL dealer license, AND their SOT Certificate.
  • Wait for word from your dealer that your item(s) have arrived, and begin the Form 4 process!



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